Loading systems

Our loading systems are fit for offshore installation, manufacturing plant infeed and outfeed, and as mobile temporary loading units. We offer various degrees of automation for the cable laying during spooling, ranging from semi-automatic to manual laying.


Control Tower & Operator Cabins

PASSER has delivered a number of control towers for various applications. The design of the ergonomy is taken into account freqency of use and duration for each session, ensuring a comfortable working station for the operator.
Our control towers are fully integratable with exisiting factory or ship control systems. They can be delivered as a fixed structure or modular for shipping in standard ISO containers.


Loading Tower

We have various spooling tower designs, fixed and modular. Tensioners and arm movement controlled either by remote, control tower or control center.


Control Center

The Control Center, together with its auxiliary communication equipment allows the operator to connect remotely the Carousels and their auxiliary equipment in the factory.