Installation start-up at Gas & Heat facilities in Pisa, Italy

Installation start-up took place Monday 6th of March in the facilities of Gas and Heat Spa. The in-situ operation will run continuously until medio June 2023.

The operational sequence is a continuous work on two tanks in parallel, and with an overlap of approximately 3 days. An ideal overlap for the two working teams which can then concentrate their resources in a best possible way to achieve highest possible efficiency.

The tanks will be insulated with PASSER Marine’s spray foam solution and will have our Patented Tough Coat® product on strategic places for increased protection and longer lifetime.

The series of 8 tanks has a 1.000cbm gross volume each. All tanks will be installed with a variable insulation thickness around the periphery to accommodate the low boil-off rate of 0.25 %/24h.


About PASSER Marine
PASSER Marine and our JV PASSER Lanyu, have long experience within cryogenic
insulation technologies, for a wide range of applications .
For the marine cryogenic insulation market, we have more than 30 patented solutions.
Only in 2022 and 2023, the two companies will do insulation EPCI on more than one
hundred pressurized IMO C-tanks for LNG.

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