PASSER Marine delivers cryogenic insulation solutions for sustainable shipping

Cryogenic Insulation solutions for LNG/LPG cargo/fuel tanks and piping.

Together with our joint venture company in China, PASSER Lanyu, we deliver cryogenic insulation solutions world-wide.

JIANGSU PASSER LANYU Insulation Technology Co.,Ltd is an EPCI company that provide professional cryogenic insulation solutions as well as insulation repair & maintenance.


PASSER Lanyu has an active history back to 2001. With more than 20 years of experience from cryogenic insulation, our technology and services can meet the requirements of customers all around the world. They have gained more than 30 patents for new insulation products and procedures which have obtained the general customers’ consistent approval and praise.

In 2018, PASSER Marine in Norway acquired the share majority of PASSER Lanyu. PASSER Marine is a company that develop concepts and products within the markets Marine, Oil, Gas and Renewable Energy through their own organization as well as through ownership and strategic cooperation agreements with other companies.

At PASSER Lanyu and PASSER Marine we are devoted to continuously provide efficient, safe and reliable cryogenic insulation solutions to the customers. Our focus is to be in the front with technology and offer the best products to suit the needs of global markets.

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