PASSER drying solution Multicoil has been in use for 30+ years in some the harshest conditions possible

  • Well proven technology
  • Indirect drying and cooling
  • Gentle Product Handling
  • Compact equipment in relation to its capacity range, max evaporation in one unit:10 tons/hour
  • Minor use of sweep air provides low cost of exhaust gas cleaning
  • Efficient energy recovery
  • Not subject to thermal expansion problems that are usually common in other types of steam dryers with longitudinal pipes
  • Easy access from the outside for inspection and maintenance
  • High availability – up to 97% for some applications
  • Energy medium; steam or water
  • Product transport by gravity and slow rotation: 4 – 12rpm


  • Max throughput capacity pr unit: 100 tons/hour
  • Product inlet moisture:   8 – 12% WC
  • Product outlet moisture: <0,1 – 0,3% WC
  • Steam pressure, maximum: 20 barg.
  • Dust emmissions from stack; <20 mg/Nm3

Typical Processed products:

  • Gypsum
  • Penta / Di-Penta
  • Melamine
  • Aluminium Fluoride
  • Anhydrite
  • Nickel & Copper Concentrate
  • Saw Dust

Spare Parts
Inquiries for replacement rotor or parts. Please refer to equipment number, size (i.e Multicoil 5/10-42) or dryer unit order number

For more information and sales inquiries please contact