PASSER aims to make cable production even more effective

Vertical Layup Machines (VLM) for 250, 500 and 750 ton

PASSER has developed a range of innovative and effective vertical layup machines, with standard capacities of 250-, 500-, and 750-tons conductor in each cable basket. PASSER’s unique solution will increase the effectiveness of the cable production, enabling a near continuous production, with significantly less time-consuming stoppages than with earlier technology.

The machines can produce cables up to ø350mm with lay-lengths varying from 500 to 5000mm and a maximum haul-off speed of 20m/min. Combined with the interchangeable basket system, PASSER’s VLM is more effective than any other technology so far being used in the industry.

The insulated conductors are pre-filled in baskets and can easily be transported into the designated slot in the VLM, using the basket mover. While the vertical layup machine is loaded and is producing cable, another set of conductor baskets is being filled and prepared for manufacturing. This enables maximum utilization of the production line, minimizing stoppages and lost time.



PASSER is a leading provider of industrial cable handling and manufacturing equipment for the renewable energy sector. Headquartered in Norway and with regional offices in China, Lithuania, Netherlands and United Kingdom the group provides turnkey solutions to customers world-wide.

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