At PASSER, we prioritize our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) values. Through renewable energy projects, we combat climate change, foster social responsibility, and uphold strong governance practices. We shape a sustainable future by integrating ESG principles into every aspect of our business.


  • Focus on green markets and renewable energy
  • Full ESG integration in supply chain by 2030
  • All transportation on low carbon or zero emission by 2030
  • Carbon neutral by 2040


  • HSE/ESG learning program to all employees by 2022
  • Empower and promote inclusion
  • “PASSER Green Day”
  • Annual budget to support local communities
  • Implement program to attract resources; senior competences and graduated students
  • Source Fair Trade products


  • Ethics and training course to all employees
  • Ethical Guidelines to be signed by all fixed or temporary employers
  • Whistle-blower programme


As a leading industrial company heavily involved in the renewable energy sector, PASSER takes sustainability seriously. We believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that the products and services we offer contribute to a sustainable future and support the transition to renewable energy.