Heavy Duty Insulation

This is a multi-layer seamless polyurethane spray foam system featuring an outer prefabricated barrier of stainless steel mesh-reinforced polyurea, specifically ToughCoat®. The final step involves injecting PU foam between the sprayed layers and the ToughCoat®, ensuring 100% bonding, tension, and a flawless surface.


  • Enhances the prefabricated surface for a smoother finish free of pinholes.
  • Elevates the fire retardant properties of the system.
  • Incorporates a reinforcement system to prevent cracks and delamination.
  • Bolsters the mechanical properties of the reinforced surface.

PU     - Polyurethane                PUR   - Polyurethane Rigid                  GRP   - Glass Reinforced Polyester

PIR    - Polyisocyanurate         EPS    - Expanded Polystyrene             SUS   - Steel use Stainless