Panel Insulation

Prefabricated panel insulation(PIR/PUR/EPS) has emerged as a highly efficient solution for A/B/C tanks. With its pre-fabricated nature, systematic installation process, ability to withstand cold temperatures our panel insulation stands out as a versatile and practical choice.


  • Workshop Prefabrication:
    One of the key strengths of panel insulation lies in its pre-fabricated nature. Manufactured in controlled workshop environments, panel insulation ensures consistent quality and precision. This prefabrication not only accelerates the construction process but also minimizes on-site labor requirements. It allows for greater customization and adherence to strict quality standards, ensuring the insulation panels are tailor-made for the specific project requirements.
  • Systematic Installation:
    Panel insulation boasts a systematic installation process that contributes to its efficiency. The panels are designed to interlock seamlessly, streamlining the installation procedure. This systematic approach not only accelerates the construction timeline but also reduces the margin for error during installation. The ease of handling and fitting ensures that the insulation is applied uniformly, optimizing its performance throughout the structure.
  • Installation in Cold Temperatures (<0):
    Panel insulation excels in environments with cold temperatures, making it an ideal choice for construction projects in chilly climates. Traditional insulation materials may lose effectiveness in low temperatures, but panel insulation maintains its structural integrity and insulation properties even in sub-zero conditions. This resilience ensures that construction projects can proceed smoothly, even in the harshest winter conditions, without compromising the insulation's effectiveness.
  • Good Visual Final Surface:
    Beyond its functional advantages, panel insulation offers a visually appealing final surface. The prefabricated panels are designed to provide a smooth and uniform finish, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the construction project. This eliminates the need for additional finishing work, saving both time and resources. The clean and polished appearance of panel insulation adds a professional touch to the completed structure, meeting not only performance requirements but also aesthetic expectations.
  • Seamless Solution:
    The seamlessness of panel insulation is a hallmark feature, eliminating gaps and vulnerabilities in the insulation layer. This seamless integration enhances the overall performance of the insulation, providing a comprehensive barrier against heat transfer and environmental elements. The result is a more energy-efficient and environmentally conscious building envelope.
  • Thinner Insulation:
    Despite its remarkable insulating properties, panel insulation offers the advantage of being thinner compared to traditional insulation materials. This thin profile contributes to space optimization without sacrificing insulation efficacy, allowing for greater design flexibility and potential cost savings.
  • Improved Surface Mechanical Property:
    Panel insulation not only excels in thermal properties but also enhances the mechanical strength of surfaces. The incorporation of advanced materials ensures improved surface mechanical properties, contributing to the overall structural integrity of the construction.
  • Large Tolerance During Installation:
    Panel insulation accommodates variations during installation with large tolerance levels. This flexibility allows for a forgiving installation process, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring that the insulation performs optimally even under less-than-ideal conditions.
  • Full Visual Control of Joint Filling:
    Aesthetics meet functionality with panel insulation, offering full visual control of joint filling. This feature allows for meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a polished and professional finish while maintaining insulation effectiveness. The result is a visually pleasing and high-performance building envelope.


In conclusion, the strengths of panel insulation, including its workshop prefabrication, systematic installation, cold-weather resilience, and visually pleasing final surface, position it as a highly efficient and versatile choice for modern construction projects. Whether faced with tight timelines, challenging weather conditions, or the desire for a polished appearance, panel insulation proves to be a reliable and effective solution.

PU     - Polyurethane                PUR   - Polyurethane Rigid                  GRP   - Glass Reinforced Polyester

PIR    - Polyisocyanurate         EPS    - Expanded Polystyrene             SUS   - Steel use Stainless