PU Spray Foam Insulation

This system involves the application of polyurethane foam onto the tank surface to create a seamless and uniform insulation layer. Subsequently, a protective polyurea coating is sprayed onto the foam surface to provide an outer shield.


  • A fully bonded and sealed system, offering excellent waterproofing and non-corrosive outer protection.
  • Reduces the risk of penetration cracks or moisture accumulation spaces.
  • Requires a thinner insulation layer.
  • Reduces on-site storage space requirements.
  • Simplifies transportation.
  • Offers a cost-effective and faster application process.
  • Provides a seamless solution for zero-hour maintenance.

PU     - Polyurethane                PUR   - Polyurethane Rigid                  GRP   - Glass Reinforced Polyester

PIR    - Polyisocyanurate         EPS    - Expanded Polystyrene             SUS   - Steel use Stainless