PASSER have many years’ experience with ship building, maintenance and repair. Through our facilities in Groningen and Klaipeda, our qualified team will take your project to the finish line.

Shipbuilding is one of PASSER’s fields of specialization. We have long-term experience in ships’ maintenance and construction for local and international customers. With each project the bar is raised, and we are successfully delivering increasingly more advanced projects.

In January 2022 PASSER SIDC Group aquired “Shipyard de Hoop Foxhol». This is designated for vessels up to 135 m long and 16 m, however also other oversized products will be constructed here. The shipyard is equipped with cranes of 120 and 100 tons lifting capacity and has a hook height up to 18 m.

Our customers include De Hoop, Damen, Ablemans and Boreal Offshore among others.

We offer the following services in shipbuilding and repair:

  • Assembly of sections.
  • Outfitting
  • Electrictal installation.
  • Production and installation of pipelines.
  • Surface treatment
  • Engineering


Groningen Shipyard Map
Groningen, Netherlands
Klaipeda Workshop Map
Klaipeda, Lithuania