PASSER Products

PASSER Products is a leading solution provider for cable handling equipment, maximizing cable fabrication capacity and minimizing damage and downtime.

Cable handling equipment for the entire project lifecycle

PASSER Products is a leading solution provider for cable handling equipment maximizing cable fabrication capacity and minimizing damage and downtime during transportation, installation and operation of energy projects. PASSER capabilities are covering all phases of the cable lifecycle.

Vertical Layup Machines

Our Vertical Lay-up Machines are designed for manufacturing of large 3-core power cables. The machine holds 3 interchangeable baskets which each has a payload rating of 250, 500 or 750 tons.

They can be moved on board the by a hydraulic basket mover. The Vertical Layup Machine is integrated into a building structure and the deck of the main carousel is flush with the production floor.

The system comes complete with the following main items:

  • Vertical Lay-up Machine
  • Main Carousel
  • Filler Material Reel Stand
  • Fibre Optic (FO) Cable Reel Stand
  • Centre Column with Balcony- and Stranding Deck
  • FO Cable Magazines
  • Stranding Die
  • Taping Head
  • Caterpillar

The following equipment can also be supplemented:

  • Baskets
  • Filling Stations
  • Carousel Loading System
  • Basket Drive System

High Capacity Storage Carousels

Designed for production plants; power cable, umbilical, flexible pipes.

  • Large capacity storage ~10 000 tons
  • Optional Split compartments with separate drives
  • Semi automatic loading systems
Fully integrated into existing control system

Long Term Storage Carousels

PASSER provide long-term storage carousels designed with client specific capacity ratings and functionality, including;

  • Long term storage of e.g. spare products (up to 50 years)
  • Split compartments that can run individually or combined.
  • Large capacity storage for cable manufacturing plants

Production Carousels

We deliver carousels for various steps in the production process.

  • Carousels for intermediate storage or production steps in cable production process
  • Example; Conductor Carousels, Degassing Carousels, semi-automatic loading arms

Transport and installation carousels

PASSER design and manufacture carousels for offshore transport and operation.

  • PASSER design and manufacture carousels for offshore transport and operation.
  • Up to 10 000 ton payload
  • The installation carousel can be modular and operated world wide unrestricted
  • Designed for onshore or offshore operation
  • Based on slewing bearing, wheels or hybrid solutions

Standard Baskets

Our most cost effective solution for coilable cable, with the fastest production time.

  • Low cost
  • Fast Delivery, either in sections or as a complete unit.
  • Fast setup at site
  • Outer wall built up by fixed or dismountable stanchions
  • Inner wall built up stanchions or plates
  • Easily lift-able by slings and shackles with full payload.
  • Optional interface to PASSER Basket Drive System

Foldable Baskets

PASSER can deliver a hinged basket; the main arms can be folded in when not in use or during transport.


  • Delivered as a single complete unit.
  • Dimensions in folded state allows for regular road transport.
  • Unfolds and sets up at site within 1 day after arrival.
  • Fixed or dismountable outer wall (stanchions).
  • Stanchions or plated inner wall.
  • Easily lift-able by slings and shackles with full payload (can be delivered pre-rigged)
  • Optional interface to PASSER Basket Drive System(BDS).

Basket Drive Systems

PASSER has a patented basket drive system for cable logistics.


  • The independent basket drive unit(BDS) is movable, liftable and can be used both offshore and onshore.
  • The BDS interface fits multiple baskets of a customized size and payload making it the most versatile and cost efficient spooling system for large scale operations.
  • System can be modified through the lifecycle to fit changing requirements for capacities.

Cable Reels

Since 2007 we have delivered more than 1000 reels. Our reels are designed according to customer specifications utilizing all our years of experience in the design. We design and fabricate according to industry standards, ensuring safe and reliable operation. Our reels are purposed for power cable, umbilical and mooring rope.

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