20.December 2023

New contract award for PASSER

Image: General illustration of a typical vertical layup machine.


Contract Award

PASSER Products are proud to announce that we have been awarded the contract for delivering Vertical Lay-up Machine (VLM) to Walsin Energy Cable System Co. new factory in Kaohsiung. The factory, which will specialize in the production of high- and medium-voltage AC subsea power cables, is expected to be built and put into operation in 2027. This will be the first subsea power cable factory in Taiwan and the contract are in line with PASSERs Asia strategy.

Walsin Energy Cable System Co. & PASSER Products have established a good communication, and together agreed the best quality VLM solution to the new factory.

PASSER with its Cabel Handling Solutions confirms with this opportunity, our good position in the growing energy transition marked.


About PASSER Vertical Layup Machines

Our Vertical Lay-up Machines are designed for manufacturing of large 3-core power cables. The machine holds 3 interchangeable baskets which each has a payload rating of 250, 500 or 750 tons.

They can be moved on board the by a hydraulic basket mover. The Vertical Layup Machine is integrated into a building structure and the deck of the main carousel is flush with the production floor.